Camping in Solang Valley, Manali

Solang Valley, also known as Solang Nala Valley, is one of the hotspots for adventure lovers in the snow-capped state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The name Solang Nala Valley comes from two words Solang, meaning nearby village and Nala, which means flow of water. The place is located just 14 km from Manali and is well known for its winter and summer sports. The most common sports offered by this place are skiing, paragliding etc. which attracts tourists not only from within the country but also from all over the world. Camping in the Solang Valley gives tourists a completely different and invigorating feeling.

Camping Itinerary and Price

Camping at Solang valley

2 Days, 1 Night

Terrif: Rs 1,500/Head

Enjoy camping at a picturesque location with breathtaking views in Solang valley, Manali and reconnect with nature.

Price Includes :

Stays in camps on double/triple sharing
These are high-quality tents that offer utmost comfort

Day 1: Lunch and dinner
Day 2: Breakfast

The best part of camping in Solang Valley

  • Enjoy camping in one of the most picturesque places with breathtaking views of Manali's Solang Valley.

  • Stay in tents and enjoy your vacation with your friends.

  • Take a quick walk in nature and admire the regal views of the mountains and valleys.

  • The price of the package is INR 1,500 / -.

Camping in Solang Valley Overview

Location : Solang Valley, Manali

Check-in Time : 12:00 PM

About Camping In Solang Valley Manali:

Solang Valley is a center for adventure lovers and one of the most scenic places in Himachal Pradesh.

This camping activity in the Solang Valley takes you through beautiful scenery overlooking Manali. Camp at night in a tent on a mountain meadow. Common areas and campsites are frequently sanitized to ensure maximum safety for all guests. For note, You can try some activities like paragliding, zorbing, rock-climbing, etc, or go for an ATV ride (none included in the package).

Camping Itinerary:

Arrive at the campsite, check in, and settle into your tent. Take a break and have lunch, post which you can explore around and reconnect with nature.

Guests can also participate in various adventure activities such as rock climbing/rappelling at extra cost.

You can relax and enjoy nature along the river next to the campsite. Enjoy an evening snack with a warm bonfire session under the open sky with your companions. Accommodation will be in tents on a double or triple sharing basis. Relax for the night and wake up the next day for a beautiful view of the valley, ready to explore the nature around you. Come back to the camp for a sumptuous breakfast and check-out on a happy note from the campsite.

How to reach?

  • By Air : The nearest airport is Bhuntar, about 50 km from Manali. Either private or public transport can be used.

  • By Bus : Manali is well connected to important tourist destinations through state-run and private bus networks.

  • By Train : Chandigarh Railway Station is the nearest railway station, located about 250 km from Solang Valley.

More Details about Camping in Solang Valley.

Find out before you go camping in the Solang Valley

Any food or transfer package not mentioned on the itinerary is not included in the cost. No personal costs or items of a personal nature will be part of the contract. The activities in the Solang Valley will be charged extra and not included in the package. Pets are not allowed on the camp premises. Please do not play loud music. No type of insurance such as accident, theft, medical treatment, eviction, etc., is part of the package. Camping is one of the adventure activities conducted, so please do not expect luxury. Any change/stay cost due to flight cancellation, due to bad weather, ill health, road obstruction, and other reasons is beyond our control. The guidelines issued by the state government should be followed. Social distance must be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks are recommended. To ensure maximum hygiene, common areas are cleaned and sanitized daily. Please provide a valid ID when checking in.

Best Time For Camping In Solang Valley

Are you planning a trip to Manali and wondering what is the best time to visit Solang Valley? Also known as Solang Nala, this incredible hill station is beautiful all year round. So, whenever you go, there will be amazing things to experience and enjoy during your stay. That being said, winter is considered the best time to visit the Solang Valley because it is known as the paradise of skiers. This is one of the most exciting activities you can enjoy in your Solang Valley vacation. They have a unique attraction in other seasons too, especially since this region of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded by natural beauty. Whether you visit Solang Valley in summer or winter, you can go on adventures like hiking, trekking and camping and have the time of your life. Learn more about the different seasons that you can visit in this stunning locale and plan for the perfect vacation in the Solang Valley. There are two sections for campsites in the Solang Valley. Snow lovers can go to the valley during the winter months to enjoy the best of this snow-covered valley and to enjoy a sport like skiing. In the summer months, skiing is replaced by more adventure camps in Solang that offer activities such as zorbing and paragliding. The summer months allow camping in the Solang Valley of Manali as the snow melts from the valley leading to the greenery of the grass and trees.

Here are The Best Seasons To Visit Solang Valley:

01. Solang Valley in Winter

As it is known as a top destination for skiing, many people from all over the place flock to Solang Valley in winter. The winter season here starts in October and lasts till March. If you plan a winter trip to this amazing hill station, especially for skiing, you will have to wait until December or January because this is when the best snowfall happens. The whole area is covered with a blanket of ice, making it perfect for skiing. Note that temperatures in the Solang Valley drop below 0 degrees Celsius during the winter months. This makes it essential to make sure you pack warm clothes and other essentials to protect you from the cold. Things to do: Needless to say, skiing is the first thing that comes to mind when you visit Solang Valley in winter. You don't have to worry if you're new to the sport. The valley is the base of the guest house of Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports. The institute provides skiing training to visitors and is also the site of a winter skiing festival. Other ski destinations include Ski Himalayas, Iceland Solang, and Himalayan Adventures. If you are planning a winter vacation in the Solang Valley, you may be on time for the festival where people of all ages from all over the world come to enjoy the snow. Skiing is not the only activity you can enjoy in the winter in the Solang Valley. You can have fun with many other winter sports, including snowboarding, tube sliding, sledging, etc. You can rent ATVs and snow scooters to ride in the snow-covered terrain and explore the area. With these vehicles, you have the unique opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal look at the majestic mountains and peaks. When you are in the Solang Valley during the winter months, you don't miss the cable car ride. This is one of the best ways to see the breathtaking sights of this region. Cable cars give you a unique view of the area, so a Cable Car Ride is a must-see when you're in the Solang Valley in the winter.

02. Solang Valley in Summer

Summer is also a great time to visit Solang Valley. The season begins in March and lasts until June, with temperatures ranging from 10 C to 25 C. This means that you will experience pleasant weather during the day. However, keep in mind that the nights in Solang Valley can be pretty cold even in the summer, so be sure to pack a few warm clothes for the evening. Things to do: Due to the pleasant weather during the summer months, visiting Solang Valley at this time of year is ideal for any traveler, especially for nature lovers and adventure seekers. This is an excellent time to enjoy various exciting activities, such as rafting, paragliding, etc. In addition to these exciting activities, there are some leisure activities for those looking for a more relaxing holiday. You can hike and get spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains, the Beas River, the pine forests, and the green valleys. In addition to trekking, hiking, rafting, and paragliding, you can enjoy many other outdoor activities in the Solang Valley during your summer vacation, such as mountaineering, rock climbing, rappelling, horseback riding, parachuting, and camping. Trekking and hiking will take you through beautiful hills and valleys with breathtaking views of the abundance of natural beauty surrounding the region. Summer is the perfect time to take a closer look at some of the country's most spectacular views. Solang Valley is famous for being a fantastic skiing destination in India, and it is not an activity that you can enjoy in summer. As the snow melts this season, Zorbing instead of skiing is a thrilling activity where you can descend 200 meters down a hill inside a giant ball with enough space for two. If you have never experienced zorbing, you should definitely try it during your stay in Solang Valley. The Solang Valley is an incredible place to visit all year round, but it's especially significant in the summer because you can have fun with lots of exciting activities. You don't have to suffer the cold because the snow melts, creating lots of opportunities for fun and adventure. Whether you travel with family, friends, or alone, you can be sure that you will have the most memorable time in the Solang Valley if you decide to go during the summer months.

03. Solang Valley in Monsoon

During the monsoon season, temperatures in the Solang Valley range from 10 C to 17 C. Many people avoid going to this hill station in the rainy season. This is because the heavy rains prevent you from enjoying the sights, activities, sports, and other things you can usually do on vacation somewhere. Most businesses close during the rainy season, so finding good hotels, restaurants, shops, and stores can be pretty tricky. It is best to visit Solang Valley during the post-monsoon season from September to October. Things to do: If you visit Solang Valley in the rainy season, there are some things you can do. Because the crowds of tourists are not as high as at other times of the year, you can enjoy leisurely walks around the hill station and see how people live in the off-season. Monsoon travel to the Solang Valley is recommended for experienced outdoor enthusiasts. You can go for hikes, treks, rock climbing, etc. You must be ready. Heavy rains at this time of year make the hills and roads treacherous. If you plan to explore the valley this season, a guide is necessary. Another vital thing to keep in mind when traveling to Solang Valley in the rainy season is that you should always go on your adventure in a group. Accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a remote area without any help. There are several exciting things to do in the Solang Valley during the rainy season for those looking for an extreme, adrenaline-pumping adventure. You can go river rafting on the rain-soaked river. Mountaineering is also quite popular among those who travel to this region at this time of year. However, as mentioned earlier, you should keep in mind that those who start this extreme adventure are often experienced outsiders who know what they are doing.

Weather in Solang Valley

The climate of Solang Valley is very cold in winter and moderately cold in summer. Throughout the year, temperatures range from −12 ° C (10 ° F) to 25 ° C (77 ° F), with warmest days exceeding 25 ° C (77 ° F) and coldest days below −10 ° C (14). Gone ° Fa). Average temperatures range from 5 ° C (41 ° F) to 25 ° C (77 ° F) in summer and from −12 ° C (10 ° F) to 8 ° C (46 ° F) in winter. It is best to avoid the rainy season from June to August. During the peak season in March, April and May, the valley is crowded with tourists.

Location of Solang Valley Camping

Solang Valley is located at the top of Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, just 14 kilometers from Manali on the famous Rohtang Pass.

10 Places to Visit near Solang Valley Camping, Manali

Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is one of the most famous and scenic places in Himachal. The magnificent view of the invisible image prefect of the glorious Himalayas from this place adds even more appeal. There's no place to stay, but you can pitch your canvas and spend the night under the starry sky. The ideal time to visit this place is between May and October - the climate is mild, and one can sit by the fire and enjoy the midnight sky. Located just 42 km from Solang Valley, this pass is the gateway to some glorious places like Spiti Valley and Lahore.

Great Himalayan National Park

The store is excellent for adventure lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. There is the Great Himalayan National Park about 77 km from Solang Valley and a little away from Kullu. A wonderful place is rich in biodiversity, a paradise for all wildlife lovers. This germ-free place in the Kullu Valley is a nerve center for adventure experiences. You can try activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, trekking, bird watching etc.


Kothi village is an unrealistic place if you want some quiet time in solitude away from the crowds of a secluded town. This old rural village is only 5 km away from Solang valley, and you can easily escape from the city life for a few days and enjoy your time silently, soaking in the beauty of this old magical place.

Yogini Falls

This magnificent place with a crystal clear water stream in the tranquil environment of the shrines is a complete delight for nature lovers. To the residents, these waterfalls have a religious meaning. You can follow the trail and climb to the top of the waterfall to get a beautiful experience. This place is about 12 km away from Solang valley.

Bayes Kund

The emerald green pool with crystal clear water in the mighty cliff at an altitude of 3,700 meters is a hiking destination for adventurous people. The Base Glacier is where the Base River comes from, and the Base Kund Trek starts from Solang. Along the way, you will see beautiful peaks like Hanuman Tibba, Friendship Peak, Shitidhar and Seven Sisters.

Bhrigu Lake

At an altitude of about 4,300 meters, this reservoir is located in the famous mountain range Pir Pranjal. Another popular trekking destination is a high-alpine lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks east of Rohtang Pass. They say that Maharshi Vrgu used to meditate near this glacial lake, so they named it after him. The beauty of this lake changes every season - in winter, it turns to ice, while in summer, you can see the lake's crystal clear water where the glaciers are still swimming.

Hot water spring

There is a temple dedicated to a local saint named Vasishta. The big attraction here is the hot water fountain with sulfur in the shrine's courtyard. They have separate bathing pools for men and women where they can bathe before entering the temple. Nearby are two more Shiva and Lord Rama temples that you can see. They commercialize the place with local products.

Rahala Falls

The stunning Rahala Falls on the Manali-Leh Highway is 8,500 feet and about 22 km from the Solang Valley. This spectacular layered cascading waterfall is the perfect picnic spot with crystal clear water currents situated between lush green forests of cedar and silver birch trees. You can trek over the fall and feel the breathtaking beauty all around. The waterfall is formed by melting icebergs.

Temple of Goddess Hadimba

15 km away from Solang, Hidimba Devi Temple is also recognized as Dhungari Temple. One of the ancient cave temples is dedicated to the goddess Hidimbi, the wife of Bhima. They set up this complex temple in the heart of the evergreen fir forest called Dhungiri Forest Monastery. A rural old four-story temple, founded in 1553, looks like a lodge in the woods. You will see the exterior decorated with sacrificial animal remains if you look closely. Animal sacrifice at the shrine is still a rule. It sounds primitive, but such practices are part of a slowly gaining ground culture.

Nehru Kund

Nehru Kund is only 8 km away from Solana valley, and it is named after the first Prime Minister of India. This natural freshwater fountain is popular among nature lovers and photographers. You can spend hours in the green forest admiring the grace of the place, and the sound of rushing water is like playing music in your ears. We believe that Vrgu Lake is the source of fresh water in this pool, which is drinkable.

Activities in the Solang Valley

Adventurous things to do in the Solang Valley

With an abundance of work throughout the year, this place offers an experiential vacation for people of all ages. Winter is famous for skiing, but summer is for jerking and paragliding. So here are some of the top thrills you can enjoy during your vacation, no matter when you are fleeing to this fantastic sanctuary:

Paragliding in the Solang Valley

Paragliding in the Solang Valley, Manali can make for a nerve-racking adventure experience. But is paragliding really? Paragliding is a sport where people fly parachutes that have been modified to improve their gliding skills. Unlike their close relatives, hang gliders, paragliders have no rigid structure; The parachute canopy acts as a wing and is made up of fabric cells with open parts at the front, which can swell by ventilation. Solang Valley Paragliding, like most popular forms of paragliding in other cities and towns, follows a simple process that is safe and enjoyable at the same time. The pilot sits in a curve and controls the wings with a line attached to the rear end of the paraglider. These lines can be operated individually to rotate the paraglider or simultaneously affect the pitch and speed. Take-off and landing are usually done on foot in the hills or mountains. To take off, the pilot pulls the wing like a kite and inflates it, then sprints on the runway. Paragliders use the same lifting air (thermal) as other gliding aircraft, but their slower speed prevents them from flying in strong winds. It is a process that is better experienced and felt than understood. Paragliding is one of the most exciting adventure sports in the Solang Valley in summer and one of the best adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh. This adventure lets you fly like a bird with two jump stations - one on the lower level and the other on the higher level. Paragliders love to fly regardless of the season. But considering all the relevant safety protocols and optimal weather conditions required for a smooth sky experience, the best seasons for paragliding in the Solang Valley are January to May and October to December. Paragliding stops in the rainy season, and it is advisable to check in with the company before planning to go during the rainy season. Depending on the day's weather, time usually starts at 9 am and lasts till 6 pm. Solang Valley Paragliding Cost: There are two levels of paragliding as a price. One from the middle and one from the top. The price of the upper package is around INR 3000 per person, and the middle one is R 1000 per person Why go paragliding in Solang Valley? Have you ever seen yourself flying in the sky like a bird? If so, paragliding in the Solan Valley is the ultimate destination to turn your cool desire into a real bone-chilling experience. When you like to fly, you want to see the fascinating view of nature. This is exactly what Solang Valley has to offer. The snow-capped mountains and the fresh air are a breathtaking view for every paragliding trip in the Manali Valley. Solan Valley, one of India's most well-known tourist destinations, is a magical portal for exploring the picturesque elevation ranges, dense forests, and glistening waterfalls. Solang Valley Paragliding is an adventure that you must do. Things to carry while paragliding in the Solang Valley. For a smooth and hassle-free paragliding experience, follow this checklist of items to carry with you!

  • At the time of booking and arrival, each guest must have an identity card. All foreign nationals must have their passport and visa details at the time of booking and arrival.

  • Take with you your jacket; It may be cold at the take-off point or during the flight. When the wind is not suitable for take-off, you have to wait a while, and it will be really cold.

  • If you have a GoPro camera, you can take it with you; However, if you use the pilot's GoPro, you will be charged R 500.

  • Sunglasses (look cool when you fly!)

  • Sunscreen with SPF of 20 (it's sunny in the sky!)

  • If you have Motion Sickness, you can take Motion Sickness Medication because Mountain Drive at Paragliding Take-Off Point often affects guests with Motion Sickness.

  • Properly laced shoes - When paragliding, your feet hang freely, and if your shoes are not fitted properly, they may fall off during your journey. And you can't track your flight if it's a forest location.

Zorbing in the Solang Valley

Zorbing is an adventure game in Manali, and it has been around for a long time. In Jorbing, a human-sized plastic ball is wrapped around you, and you roll down. From there, you return to the original location. It may sound unbalanced, but it has a safe passage and the various operators who have jerked it ensure the safety of its visitors. Another way to start is to put inside a human-sized plastic ball made to float in water. zorbing Price in Solang Valley: Above INR 350.

Solang Valley Ropeway, Manali

Link Auto in the Solang Valley is the main ropeway to Kullu and Manali, becoming increasingly prominent nowadays. Most of the visitors, people who visit Solang Valley, do not miss riding the ropeway/link auto. The company that does this runs a decent food shop for the most special purpose of the ropeway, where one can appreciate nutrition in pleasant surroundings. Solang Valley Ropeway ticket price: ₹ 500 per adult.

Skiing in the Solang Valley

You can enjoy skiing and paragliding in Himachal, which is understood for ski sloping and endless snowfall in winter; The Solang Valley is undoubtedly one of the most scenic valleys in India. This is an ideal place for your winter travel, where you can get an absolute charge for experience exercises like skiing, paragliding, zorbing and from their sky range. The place is rich in history and has an incredible treasure trove of green for nature partners. From Solang, you can see snow - peaks at the top, for example, Mount Ladakhi, Mount Hanuman Tibba, Mount Shitidhar and Mount Friendship. Price of skiing in Solang Valley: ₹ 575 per adult. The skiing season in Solang Valley: The winter season here starts from October and continues till March.

Solang Valley Trek

Solang Valley is one of the most beautiful and adventurous places in Manali. It is located between the village of Solang and Beas Kund and offers a royal view of glaciers and snow-capped mountains. This magnificent valley is one of the most scenic spots in Manali and is located at an average elevation of 8,448 feet above sea level. The Solang Valley is about 9 kilometers from Manali, and your route will show you the view of the Kullu Valley and the Beas River below. The Solang Valley Trek takes you through pine forests and rocky trails and past the ancient villages of Shang and Burua, where you will experience a glimpse of rural Himachali life. In winter, the enormous slopes of the Solang Valley are entirely covered with snow, making it one of the best skiing destinations in India. You can enjoy snowmobiles, tubing and other snow activities. The snow melts during the summer months, and the snow slopes turn into green meadows, making this place suitable for zorbing, ATV rides, paragliding, and horse riding. After reaching the top, you can relax in the allotted camps and enjoy the music sessions organized at the campsite. The package includes a packed lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Quick event:
Trekking distance: 9 km
Maximum altitude: 8,448 feet
Difficulty level: Easy
Electricity: There will be no electricity on the campsite
ATM: Manali is the last point where you will find ATMs on this trek

How to reach the Solang Valley Trek Starting Point?
You will need to report to Old Manali Camp, which is the starting point of the trek, and it is about 2 km away from Mall Road in Manali. Many local transports and private cabs are available from Mall Road to reach Old Manali.

Solang Valley Trek Trail

Day 1

Solang Valley Trek from Old Manali (13 km, 7 to 8 hours) After arriving at the old Manali base camp, you go through a short registration process. Before starting the Solang Valley trek, you will go to the Manu Temple to get the blessings. Afterwards, travelers will embark on an adventurous trek to the famous Solang Valley with packaged lunches. On the way to the valley, you will pass two ancient villages, Shanag and Burua, along the Beas River. At the end of the track, you will finally reach the famous valley only to understand why it is so renowned. This grand area doubles as a ski resort in winter, which is the best time to visit this place. Set up camp in the green meadows (or if it snows in the winter) and spend a night in this beautiful area.

Day 2

From Solang Valley to Manali

According to the Solang Valley Trek Package, after breakfast, take a few moments today and click some fantastic valley pictures. You can then choose to return by bus from the valley to continue your journey ahead or stay back to enjoy sports like paragliding, jogging and skiing. The best price for a Solang Valley trek is ₹ 1,280 per head.

Horseback riding in Manali in the Solang Valley

Riding on horseback goes back to antiquity. Once the oldest mode of transportation is now accessible as a delightful ride, Solang is one of the best places to enjoy this experience. Under guided safety, the rider is sheltered and for the little ones. There are several horse riding routes for longer or shorter trips. The most popular path is the hill path of Shiva Sanctuary, which is built on the slope at the base of a vast waterfall. Horseback riding in Solang Valley to Manali: ₹ 999.00 per head

Quad biking

What makes the summer in Solang Valley Manali even more fun is the thrilling experience of driving an ATV, which anyone can do. From riding with a trained rider to riding a bike with yourself or your loved one, this is the perfect thing to do if you believe in pushing your limits.

Price: INR 900 to INR 1000


Also known as sledging, this activity in the Solang Valley lets you float on ice and have fun as a kid. You can climb across it and even visit the sights of Solang Valley in it. And if you've done this activity millions of times before, this place might be the best playground for you.

Price: R 500 and above

Tips for visiting Solang Valley

Before booking your trip, check the weather in Solang Valley and plan your trip accordingly. Pack light cotton clothes or warm wool with a windcheater, depending on the season you plan to visit. If you travel during the peak season in winter, make sure you have booked your accommodation in advance. Carry a good camera with an extra battery so you can capture every beauty of this place. Pack all your necessary medicines, a torch, mosquito repellent, and cosmetics. If you want to travel further to Rohtang Pass, don't forget to get a Rohtang Pass Permit. Some handicraft shops sell junk jewelry and wood crafts. You can keep some. Schedule a time to visit these stalls and shop for whatever you want.

Camping FAQs in Solang Valley

Q: What is the cost of camping in Solang Valley?

The cost of camping in Solang Valley is only Rs. 1500 per adult. This includes overnight camping in the Solang Valley and three meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can book a private tour or join a group and make new friends while enjoying nature's beautiful and adventurous trekking and camping experience.

Q: What is the best time to camp in Solang Valley?

The Solang Valley is beautiful all year round. However, if you are a snow lover and like to see snow-covered valleys and mountains, winter would be the best time to camp in Solang Valley. And if you want to enjoy nature and greenery all around, plan summer camping.
Either way, you can enjoy skiing in the winter and paragliding and parachuting in the summer. However, it is best to avoid the rainy season as there will be no camping or activities.

Q. How do I get to the campsite in the Solang Valley?

The trek to Solang Valley starts from Old Manali. So, once you reach Old Manali and start your beautiful journey, you will cross the Beas River and see the fantastic villages of Sang and Burua. The track is full of breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, trees and nature. Just like that, you will set foot in the spectacular Solang Valley, which will be your night campsite

Q. What activities can we do for camping in the Solang Valley?

In addition to spending the whole night at camp and enjoying nature, what you can do will depend on what season you are going to. If it's summer, you can do paragliding, parachuting, jerking and more.
If you travel in winter, you can take part in skiing, organize a bonfire, and warm yourself up. You must avoid trekking in the rainy season as it is not safe and advisable.

Q. What should I carry for camping in Solang Valley?

In addition to carrying your Solang Valley Camp voucher, you must be well-prepared and have all the things you need for camping in the Solang Valley. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and have a layer of clothes or jacket and warmers if you travel in the winter.
Get a torch, water bottle, snacks and necessary medicines. Carry sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and a cap to protect yourself from sun exposure. And last but not least, your mobile charger and a power bank.

Q. Is Solang Valley Camping Couple Friendly?

Yes, camping in the Solang Valley is completely couple friendly.

Q. Is it safe to camp in Solang Valley?

Yes, it is safe. You do not have to worry about camping safety in Solang Valley as everything will be taken care of by professionals. The valley has seen many travelers coming to camp overnight, and none of them have had any problems in the past. Tents will be made by them when you can enjoy the sheer beauty around you.

Q. What is the snowfall in the Solang Valley?

Yes, snowfalls in early winter in Solang Valley last from December to January. At this time, the temperature here drops to -1 degree Celsius.

Q. What is the Solang Valley famous for?

Solang Valley is also known as 'Snow Valley,' famous for its adventurous activities to tourists. Some adventure sports such as skiing, trekking, mountaineering, and paragliding.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in January?

Yes, of course, January is the best time to visit Manali. At that time you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature with snow-capped mountains. Travel to Solang Valley is limited to 2-3 days in winter and is open when there is heavy snowfall.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in February?

Yes, February is definitely a good time to visit. You can visit Solang; Rohtang travel depends on the snow. The weather in February remains the same as in January, but the intensity and frequency of snowfall decrease.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in March?

Summer is a great time to visit Solang Valley. The season begins in March and lasts until June, with temperatures ranging from 10 C to 25 C. This means that you will experience pleasant weather during the day.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in April?

Summers in the Solang Valley are pleasant and last from April to June.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in May?

The attraction of the Solang Valley multiplied in May when the warm summer was welcomed. The snow begins to melt, and there are thrilling adventures in the valley that will make your vacation memorable. You can go paragliding in the valley or go from one point to another with the help of ziplining.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in June?

Summers in the Solang Valley are pleasant and last from April to June.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in July?

At this time, you can try your hand at various winter sports. However, if you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, it is best to visit Solang Valley during the summer months between March and July, when the weather is cool and pleasant.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in August?

In the rainy season, it is best to avoid mid-July to late August.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in September?

It is best to visit the Solang Valley during the post-monsoon season, from September to October.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in October?

It is best to visit the Solang Valley during the post-monsoon season, from September to October.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in November?

Undoubtedly, Solang Valley is one of the top places to visit in Manali in November. A true gem, the valley offers unparalleled beauty and some subtle winter activities to enjoy.

Q. Is Solang Valley open in December?

Yes! December is a beautiful time to visit Solang Valley. The valley is best known for its winter sports facilities, such as skiing, tobogganing, sledding, etc. In December, the whole valley is covered with snow, and some snow sports can be enjoyed here.

Tips for camping in the Solang Valley

Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when preparing for your camping in Solang Valley

  • A minimum duration of 2 days is ideal for enjoying the best camping in Solang Valley.

  • Be sure to combine your camping trip with other adventure activities.

  • Pack light when camping.

  • Camping is not recommended for those traveling with family or children.

  • Plan to avoid last-minute trouble.

Solang Valley Camping Booking.

Book The Solang Valley Camping, Manali online by clicking book now button. We offer you camping in Solang Valley, Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

Solang Valley Camp Contact Number

Solang Valley Contact Number Phone number for Solang Valley Camping is 8240923170 / 8240978266

Solang Valley Paragliding Contact Number

Solang Valley Contact Number Phone number for Solang Valley Paragliding is 8240923170 / 8240978266

Solang Valley Activities Contact Number

Solang Valley Contact Number Phone number for Solang Valley activities is 8240923170 / 8240978266

Camping in Solang Valley Policies

Camping in Solang Valley Confirmation Policy

We will send you a confirmation voucher via email within 24 hours of successful booking. If the camping, not possible preferred slots, an alternate schedule of the customer’s preference will be arranged, and also send you a new confirmation voucher via email. Alternatively, the customer may cancel their booking before confirmation, and a full refund will be processed.

Camping in Solang Valley Refund Policy

Cancellation prior to 30 days from the reservation date: Full Refund. Cancellation from 20 to 30 days from the reservation date: 50% Refund. Cancellation from 10 to 20 days from the reservation date: 30% Refund. Cancellation from 10 days or lesser from the reservation date or for No Show: No refund. Please note: There would be no refund for reservations in peak seasons. Please call us for more information on peak seasons. There would be no refunds in case of any pandemic related cancellation. In that case a voucher equal to the booking amount would be issued which is redeemable within 6 months from the date of issue.